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MacLogger is an excellent tool to monitor your system. It lets user view whats going on in the system when they are not around. Key logging, taking snapshot via webcam and screenshot is what you can enable anytime. The progress can either be saved over the local hard disk, network, uploaded over FTP or can be sent via Email. You can later on check them out as you wish to. It is a great help if you want to monitor your kids activity, monitor your systems in a public place, detect if you system is getting misused, checking your employee's progress without looking into their systems.
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  1. KeyLogging.
  2. Taking system's screenshot(s)
  3. Capture user image(s) using webcam.
  4. Uploading logging data on Ftp.
  5. Sending logging data over Email.
  6. Easy hotkey combination to hide/show MacLogger.
  7. Password setup(Only authorize person can access MacLogger).
  8. Running MacLogger in hidden mode while keeping it running all the time.
  9. Scheduling of Email and FTP reporting.
  10. Email hotkey (Just incase you forget the combination).
  1. Monitor your kids activity
  2. Monitor your systems in a public place
  3. Detect if you system is getting misused
  4. Checking your employee's progress
  5. Is your Spouse cheating?
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MacLogger - Powerful invisible MacLogger with email and FTP support!

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